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“Creating A Memorable & Unique Dining Experience For Your Feline Today!”
After years of research and innovation, we have been able to develop an extensive range of 36 recipes (and counting), providing a complete well-balanced and nutritious meal for felines of all life stages.
Our recipes are made of 100% human grade tuna or chicken with flavorful helpings of seafood or natural meats as toppings. Understanding that felines are the strict carnivores that thrives on a meat-based protein rich diet – the principles behind our great recipes are meat dense, grain-free and low in carbohydrate. The recipes are further fortified with essentials nutrients, including Vitamin B1 – for healthy heart and nervous system, Taurine – for healthy vision and FOS – for healthy digestion and hairball control.
Rest assured, all our recipes are free from any artificial preservatives and coloring.
Customers can have peace of mind knowing that all our recipes are prepared and cooked in our world-class kitchen that also produces food for human consumption, all made to the strictest standards to ensure the highest level of quality and safety.
With our unmatched variety and selection of recipes, owners need not worry about their cats getting bored with the same food and focus on a happy and healthy relationship with their beloved furkid!

The philosophy at Alps Natural® is to develop pet products made with only the highest quality and natural ingredients because we understand your pet is truly a member of your family. It is our promise to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy through each life stage.

With this mission in mind, our team has sourced and made food using state-of-the-art facilities from countries such as Italy, Iceland and New Zealand that are renowned for their unpolluted pristine nature. We take extreme measures to ensure that each and every one of our products provide the best possible nutrition for your pet. In order to maintain such standards, our formulations are clinically proven by nutritionists globally in manufacturing plants that meet the required product and quality standards.

MyFamily has given the possibility to customize quickly each ID tag directly at the point of sale. This unprecedented advantage enables customers and retailers to engrave the ID tag thanks to Techla, the revolutionary instant engraver machine, giving the possibility to choose what to write and the style through a user-friendly interface. All this in two minutes!